Liquid complex fertilizers (HCS)

Mass fraction of ammonia, %, at least99,999,699,6
Mass fraction of nitrogen, %, at least-8282
Mass fraction of water (residue after evaporation), %-0,2-0,40,2-0,4
Mass fraction of water (Fisher method), %, at most0,1--
Mass concentration of oil, mg / dm3, at most228
Mass concentration of iron, mg / dm3, at most112
Mass fraction of total chlorine, ppm (mg / kg), at most-0,5-
Mass fraction of carbon monoxide (IV), ppm (mg / kg), at most-30 ± 10-

Liquid complex fertilizers (LCF) is a water solution of ammonium phosphate, which contains two nutrients: nitrogen and phosphorus in the ratio of 11:37. LCF do not have the drawbacks that are inherent in solid fertilizers. They are free flowing, do not dust, do not set up. The wet weather or rains do not have any influence on them.

LCF, which you can buy from us at low prices, is a high-quality product, which is used by agrarian enterprises in Ukraine and Europe for soil fertilization. LCF supplies are carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine. For additional questions, please contact our managers at the specified phone

Liquid complex fertilizers are intended for soil fertilization. They should be applied in the same way as solid fertilizers: by a continuous distribution on the soil surface before plowing, cultivation, and harrowing; locally during sowing, and for dosage compensation - when inter-row cultivation is tilled or superficially on crops of continuous sowing. In addition to special machines, a complex of vehicles that can be used for the transportation and application of water ammonia, UAN solution, liquid manure, etc.