White spirit (C4-155 / 200), Rompetrol, Romania

Density at 15 °C, (kg/m3)Max. 815
Initial boiling point (°C)Max. 165
98% (v / v) distilled to (°C)Max. 200
Residues and losses (% (v / v))Max. 2
Flash point by Abel (°C)Min. 33
Saybolt ColorMin. +20
Aromatic hydrocarbons (% (m / m))Max. 0,025
Mineral acidity and alkalinity (5 (m / m))0
Relative volatility of xylene2-4,5
Cooper corrosion test (3 hours at 100 °C)Class A
Mechanical impurities and water0

White spirit (C4-155 / 200), Rompetrol, Romania is an organic solvent, a high-boiling fraction of gasoline used in the paint industry, in the manufacture of boiled oil and other industries.

White spirit (C4-155 / 200), which you can buy from us at low prices, is a high-quality product used at paint factories as a solvent. Deliveries of C4-155 / 200 White spirit are carried out by vehicle-norms throughout the territory of Ukraine.

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C4-155 / 200 White spirit, Rompetrol, Romania is used for diluting oils, alkyd and bituminous paints, rubber - bitumen and slate anticorrosive mastics, washing off preservative greases, removing oil and bitumen stains, and cleaning tools. It is a complete substitute of turpentine.



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