White spirit (Dunasol 150/200), Mol Group, Hungary

Density at 15 °C, (g/cm³)0,7600-0,7750
Initial boiling point (°C)Min. 150
Final boiling point (°C)Max. 200
Flash point by Pensky-Martinez (°C)Min. 38
Existing gum (mg/100 cm³)Max. 1
Saybolt ColorMin. 30
Sulfur content (mg/kg)Max. 1,0
Refractive index at 20 °C1,423 – 1,427
Total aromatics content (% (m/m))Max. 0,1
Benzene content (mg/kg)Max. 100

White spirit (Dunasol 150/200), Mol, Hungary is an organic solvent, a high-boiling fraction of gasoline used in the paint industry, in the manufacture of boiled oil and other industries.

White spirit (Dunasol 150/200), which you can buy from us at low prices, is a high-quality product used at paint factories as a solvent. Deliveries of Dunasol 150/200 White spirit are carried out by vehicle-norms throughout Ukraine. For additional questions, please contact our managers at the specified phone number.

Oil solvent Dunasol 150/200, Mol, Hungary is used to dilute oils, alkyd and bituminous paints, rubber - bitumen and slate anticorrosive mastics, washing out preservative greases, removing oil and bitumen stains and cleaning the tools. It is a complete substitute of turpentine.