Sulfuric acid, SE "VostGOK", Ukraine

Mass fraction of monohydrate (H2SO4)93,02
Mass fraction of iron (Fe) %, at most0,006
Mass fraction of the residue after calcination, %, at most 0,02
Mass fraction of nitrogen oxides (N2O3), %, at most0,00005
Mass fraction of arsenic (As), %, at most0,00008
Mass fraction of chloride compounds (Cl), %, at most0,0001
Mass fraction of lead (Pb), %, at most0,001
TransparencyTransparent without dilution
Color in cm3 of reference solution, not more than<1

Sulfuric acid, contact improved, produced by the Eastern Mining and Processing Plant is the most "pure" technical acid with the greatest number of fixed parameters, such as transparency, mass fraction of lead, chlorine, arsenic, etc. Trivial names: sulfuric technical acid, sulfuric contact acid, sulfuric improved acid, sulfuric pure technical acid.

Sulfuric acid, which you can buy from us at low prices, is a high-quality product that is in demand all over Ukraine. Supplies of sulfuric acid are carried out throughout Ukraine.

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Sulfuric acid, SE VostGOK, Ukraine is used:

  • In the production of mineral fertilizers.
  • In the capacity of electrolyte in lead batteries.
  • In the production of various mineral acids and salts.
  • In the production of chemical fibers, dyes, smoke-forming substances and explosives.
  • In the oil, metal-processing, textile, leather, and other industries.
  • It is used as an emulsifier (food additive E513) in the food industry.
  • In the process of industrial organic synthesis for the following reactions: dehydration (preparation of diethyl ether, esters); hydration (preparation of ethanol from ethylene); sulfonation (preparation of synthetic detergents and intermediates in the manufacture of dyes); alkylation (preparation of isooctane, polyethylene glycol, caprolactam), etc.



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