Technical oxalic

External appearanceWhite granules
Mass fraction of oxalic acid, %, at least99.2
Mass fraction of ash in the form of sulfates, %, at most
Mass fraction of insoluble in water substances, %, at most 0.012
Mass fraction of iron (Fe2 +), %, at most0.005
Mass fraction of heavy metals, %, at most0.00

Technical oxalic acid is a colorless monoclinic hygroscopic crystals, easily soluble in water. It is partially miscible in ethyl alcohol and diethyl ether, insoluble in chloroform, petroleum ether, and benzene. Oxalic acid is a dibasic saturated carboxylic acid. It belongs to strong organic acids. Technical oxalic acid, which you can buy from us at a low price wholesale and retail, is a high-quality product that comes from factories-manufacturers and warehouses of the country.

Technical oxalic acid is used in the textile and leather industry as a mordant. It serves as a component of anode baths for metal coatings sedimentation – aluminum, titanium, and tin coatings. Oxalic acid and oxalates are reagents used in analytical and organic chemistry. It is a part of compositions for removing rust and oxide films from metal; it is used to precipitate rare-earth elements.



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