Perlite regeneration


Regeneration of perlite is a technology that allows obtaining from the spent filtered powder three products, such as pure perlite, sunflower oil, and sunflower wax.

Existing solutions

  • 95% of the spent perlite is currently transported to landfills where there is a high likelihood of its ignition
  • 5% is used in construction and in the production of mixed fodders as a source of lipids.

Advantages of the proposed solution 

  • Economic attractiveness

The possibility of obtaining 400-500 kg of dry reduced perlite, 450-540 kg of sunflower oil and 50-60 kg of sunflower wax from 1 ton of spent perlite;

  • Reducing costs

Reducing the cost of buying perlite for sunflower oil winterization. Regenerated perlite can be reused up to 4 times and we are working on further improving the technology;

  • Additional income

The possibility of obtaining additional income from extracted sunflower oil and wax. Oil can be returned to the main technological process to the stage of winterization;

  • Technology   complementarity

This process can be additional in relation to the main production of vegetable oils since it uses the same auxiliary materials;

  • Comparative simplicity  of equipment

The machinery used has a comprehensible design and is easy to maintain;

  • Technology universality

According to this technology, spent perlite can be regenerated with any initial ratio of the lipid part;

  •  Technology self-sufficiency

All the auxiliary substances in this technology are used in a reverse cycle, which causes low costs of raw materials;

  • Compactness and versatility  of the production line

It is possible to position equipment modularly in compact containers, which can be moved. Besides, if placed in containers, the equipment can operate in the open air, saving the owner from the need to find additional space in the shop;

  • Flexibility of the process

Depending on the tasks assigned, it is possible to organize a permanent or periodic operation of the installation;

  • Patented innovative technology

This technology was developed by the professorial group of KhPI and patented by SBPM LLC;

  • Environmental compatibility

Improvement of ecological situation in the region by preventing spontaneous combustion of spent perlite in landfills and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.