Orthophosphoric acid, Alwernia,

External appearanceClear and free from suspended matter
Phosphoric acid H3PO4 (% m / m)75-85,7
Arsenic compounds AS (mg * kg-1)Max. 1
Lead compounds Pb (mg * kg-1)Max. 1
Mercury compounds Hg (mg * kg-1)Max. 0,01
Cadmium compounds Cd (mg * kg-1)Max. 0,1
Fluorine compounds F (mg * kg-1)Max. 5
Chlorine compounds Cl (mg * kg-1)Max. 10
Sulfur compounds CaSO4 (mg * kg-1)Max. 70
Nitrates of NaNO3 (mg * kg-1)Max. 5
Volatile acids CH3COOH (mg * kg-1)Max. 10

Orthophosphoric acid, Alwernia, Poland is a food additive E338 (chemical formula H3PO4), which is a colorless hygroscopic crystals; readily soluble in water (orthophosphoric acid is usually called its 75-85% solution).

Orthophosphoric acid, which you can buy from us at low prices, both wholesale and retail, is a high-quality product used at canning and oil extraction plants as an oxidizing agent. Supplies of orthophosphoric acid are carried out throughout Ukraine.

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Orthophosphoric acid, Alwernia, Poland  is used as an oxidizer in canning and oil-fat industry. This substance is also used for the production of yeast, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the chemical industry for the processing of metals, production of detergents, liquid fertilizers, and other.



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