Petroleum solvent SE 75/115, Rompetrol, Romania

Density at 150 °C, (kg/m3) 745
Distillation: - initial boiling point (°C) 75
Distillation: - 98% (vol./vol.) distilled to (°C) 115
Benzene content (% (m/m) 0.02
Saybolt Color +30
Sulfur content (mg/kg) 10
Water and mechanical impurities None

Petroleum solvent SE 75/115, Rompetrol, Romania is an analogue of the domestic solvent Gasoline "Galosha", "Kalosha". SE 75/115 petroleum solvent is a clear liquid, an oil distillation fraction consisting of individual hydrocarbon mixtures (paraffinic, naphthenic, and aromatic).

Petroleum solvent SE 75/115, which you can buy from us at low prices, is a high-quality product used in paint factories as a solvent. Nefras SE 75/115 delivery is carried out by vehicle-norms all over Ukraine. For additional questions, please contact our managers at the specified phone number.

Petroleum solvent SE 75/115, Rompetrol, Romania  is designed to dilute special oil and bitumen paints (enamels and varnishes), to dissolve and bring paint materials to the working consistency; for the production of rubber adhesives and various mastics; for washing and degreasing metal surfaces, for washing metal products and electrical equipment; for the production of low-pressure polyethylene; in consumer industry – for primary processing of wool, fabrics, and leather before painting; in microbiological industry – for solvent refining of protein-vitamin condensate; in food industry – for the extraction of edible fats.



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