Sodium formic acid (formate)

Mass fraction of sodium formate, %, at least
Mass fraction of iron, %, at most0,04
Mass fraction of water, %, at most
Mass fraction of sugars in terms of glucose to the mass of solids, %, at most

Sodium formic acid (sodium formate) is a white or gray crystalline powder, odorless, readily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohols, insoluble in esters. Melting point is 253 °C. Hydrogen index pH = 6. Sodium formic acid (sodium formate), which you can buy from us at a low price wholesale and retail, is a high-quality product that comes from factories-manufacturers and warehouses of the country.

Sodium formic acid (sodium formate) Mark A is used in the leather industry to reduce the acidity of leather (neutralizing the leather) and as a tanning agent in the production of oxalic acid, in the textile industry as a mordant in dyeing fabrics. It is widely used in oil production, pharmaceutics, and agriculture.

Sodium formic acid (sodium formate) Mark B and V is used in the construction industry as a frost-proof plasticizing additive in the manufacture of building structures. It increases frost resistance of mortars and concretes in winter conditions at negative temperatures below -15 °C. Depending on the desired result, it is used as additive in various proportions. It is also used for the erection of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures, monolithic parts of prefabricated structures and embedment of joints of prefabricated structures, as well as in the manufacture of prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete products at landfills.



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