Caustic soda flakes, Bashkhim, Russia

Mass fraction of sodium hydroxide, %, at least99,8
Mass fraction of sodium carbonate,%, at most 0,8
Mass fraction of sodium chloride, %, at most0,05
Mass fraction of iron in terms of Fe2O3, %, at most 0,004
Total mass fractions of iron and aluminum oxides,%, at most0,02
Mass fraction of silicic acid in terms of SiO2, %, at most0,02
Mass fraction of sodium sulphate, %, at most0,03
Total mass fractions of calcium and magnesium in terms of Ca, %, at most0,01
Mass fraction of sodium chlorate, %, at most0,01
Mass fraction of sodium chlorate, %, at most0,01
Total mass fractions of heavy metals precipitated by H2S, in terms of Pb, %, at most 0,01
Mass fraction of mercury, %, at most0,0005

Caustic soda flakes, Bashkhim, Russia (caustic, caustic soda, caustic alkali, sodium hydroxide) is the most common alkali with NaOH chemical formula. Technical sodium hydroxide flakes, which you can buy from us at a low price wholesale and retail, is a high-quality product that comes from factories-manufacturers and warehouses inside the country.

Technical sodium hydroxide flakes (caustic soda), Bashkhim, Russia is designated for chemical, pulp and paper industry, non-ferrous metallurgy and other branches of national economy.

It is used for fat saponification during the production of soap, shampoo and other detergents. Currently, products based on sodium hydroxide (with the addition of potassium hydroxide heated to 50-60 degrees Celsius) are used in the field of industrial washing for cleaning stainless steel products from fat and other oily substances as well as remnants of machining.

In chemical industries it is used to neutralize acids and acid oxides; in chemical analysis – for titration, for processing of aluminum and in the production of pure metals, in oil refining – for the production of oils.

It is used as a medium for dissolving clogs in sewer pipes in the form of dry granules or in the composition of gels. Sodium hydroxide disaggregates clogs and facilitates its easy advancement along the tube.



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