Citric acid, TTCA.CO. LTD, China

External appearanceColorless crystals or white powder
Main substance content (%)99,5 – 100
Sulphates (ppm)≤150
Oxalates (ppm)≤100
Chlorides (ppm)≤50
Heavy metals (ppm)≤5
Calcium (ppm)≤75
Iron (ppm)≤5
Sulphated ash (%)≤0,05
Moisture content (%)≤7,5 – 8,8
Lead (ppm)≤0,05
Arsenic (ppm)≤1
Mercury (ppm)≤1
Aluminum (ppm)≤0,2
Endotoxic bacteria (UI / mg)≤0,5
Tridodecylamine (ppm)≤0,1

Citric acid, TTCA.CO. LTD, China is a food additive E330 (chemical formula C6H8O7), which is a substance of a crystalline structure with a white color. This is a weak tribasic acid, which refers to organic acids being a natural preservative.

Citric acid, which you can buy from us at low prices, both wholesale and retail, is a high-quality product that is widely used in the food industry. Deliveries of citric acid are carried out throughout Ukraine.

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Citric acid, TTCA.CO. LTD, China  is widely used in the food industry, detergent production, as well as in cosmetology and pharmacology.