Carbamide-ammonia mixture (UAN)

External appearance Transparent lightly tinted liquid Transparent lightly tinted liquid Transparent lightly tinted liquid
Total mass fraction of nitrogen, % 28,0 ± 1,0 30,0± 1,0 32,0± 1,0
Mass ratio of carbamide / ammonium nitrate
0,78± 0,05 0,78± 0,05 0,78± 0,05
Alkalinity in terms of free ammonia, % 0,05-0,5 0,05-0,5 0,05-0,5>
Density at 20 °C, g / cm3
1,265-1292 1,285-1,316 1,306-1,326
Viscosity at 20 °С, cPs, at most 3 4 5
Mass fraction of inhibitor in terms of P2O5, % 0,20-0,50 0,20-0,50 0,20-0,50
Crystallization temperature, °C -17 -10 -2
Freezing point, °C 26 -26 -26

Carbamide-ammonia mixture (UAN) is a mixture of ammonium nitrate aqueous solutions and carbamide, which provides prolonged nutrition of plants with nitrogen. In view of the absence of free ammonia in the UAN structure, it does not evaporate into the atmosphere when applied, but the presence of ammonium form still makes the minimum embedding desirable, especially at high temperatures and without precipitation after application.

In the production environment, as a result of its more uniform application to the soil, the efficiency of Carbamide-ammonia mixture (UAN) fertilization is much higher compared to solid nitrogen fertilization.

In the case of UAN fertilizer foliar application, pH should be within 8-9. The effectiveness of this fertilizer depends largely on weather conditions. It is maximal in the case when the solution remains on the surface of the leaves for a long time. Therefore, the treatment of crops gives the best results in overcast cool weather.