Isopropyl alcohol, Socar Azerkimiya, Azerbaijan

colorless transparent liquid that does not contain mechanical impurities
Density at 20 °C (g/cm³) 0,785 – 0,786
Mass fraction of isopropyl alcohol (at least %) 99,7
Colority to a platinum-cobalt scale, (% at most) 5
Mass fraction of acids, acetic acid equivalent (% at most) 0,0007
Mass fraction of sulfur compounds, sulfur equivalent (% at most) 0,00005
Bromine number (g Br/100 g of alcohol, at most) 0,006
Mass fraction of water (% at most) 0,15
Mass fraction of diisopropyl ether (% at most) 0,03
Mass fraction of acetone (% at most) 0,03
Mass fraction of non-volatile residue (% at most) 0,0005

Isopropyl dehydrate alcohol, Socar Azerkimiya, Azerbaijan (2-propanol)  is obtained by the method of propylene sulfuric acid hydration. 2-Propanol is a colorless, transparent, flammable liquid with a characteristic odor.

Isopropyl alcohol, which you can buy from us at low prices, both wholesale and retail, is a high-quality product used in the paint, medical, and printing industry as a solvent and a disinfectant. The supply of isopropyl alcohol is carried out throughout Ukraine.

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Isopropanol, Socar Azerkimiya, Azerbaijan is used in organic synthesis, as well as a solvent in various industries.