Ethylene glycol, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Russia

Mass fraction of ethylene glycol (%)at least 99.8
Mass fraction of diethylene glycol (%)at most 0.05
Colority in the ordinary state (Hazen units)at most 5
Colority after boiling with hydrochloric acid (Hazen units) at most 20
Mass fraction of residue after calcination (%)at most 0.001
Mass fraction of water (%)at most 0.1
Mass fraction of acids in terms of acetic acid (%)at most 0.0006
Refractive index at 20 °C1,431 – 1,432
Transmission in ultraviolet spectrum, at 220 nmat least 75
Transmission in ultraviolet spectrum, at 275 nmat least 95
Transmission in ultraviolet spectrum, at 350 nmat least 100

Ethylene glycol, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Russia is a water-soluble liquid without color and odor, sweet to taste. It is a component of solvents for paints, plastics and pharmaceuticals, antifreezes, windscreen cleaning fluids, brake fluids, and deicers. It is used in the manufacture of explosives and in fire extinguishers.

Ethylene glycol, which you can buy from us at low prices, is a high-quality product used in paint and varnish factories as a solvent. Deliveries of ethylene glycol are carried out throughout Ukraine.

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Ethylene glycol, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Russia is used:

  • in the composition of antifreeze and brake fluids of cars;
  • in computer cooling systems;
  • as a coolant in cars;
  • as a high-temperature solvent during organic synthesis;
  • in the process of manufacturing polyurethanes, polymers and cellophane;
  • during organic synthesis for the protection of carbonyl group;
  • as a component of solutions for the protection of aircraft windshields from icing;
  • as the main component of "I" liquid, which is used to prevent aircraft fuel watering;
  • in the capacity of cryoprotectant;
  • to absorb water and prevent the formation of methane hydrate capable of clogging pipelines during gas extraction in the open ocean;
  • as a raw material for the production of special explosive – nitroglycol;
  • in the capacitors manufacture
  • in the composition of shoe polish;
  • as one of the components of window cleaners.



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