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SBPM LLC supplies diesel fuel both in bulk and in small quantities (by railway or gasoline carrier standards). Diesel fuel complies with “Euro-5” European environmental standard and other international quality standards, as evidenced by the certificate of conformity and the plant quality certificate.

We control the quality of the product at all stages of transportation to the Buyer's warehouse, and a modern automated oil filling system ensures accurate measurement of fuel volume during shipment to the customer.

As diesel belongs to the category of dangerous goods, we are attentive to its transportation. Safe, prompt, and profitable delivery is ensured by well-coordinated work of our logistic team and qualified drivers, as well as our own fleet of tank trucks that meet all fire and environmental safety requirements. GPS navigation in cars provides accurate cargo control.

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Consumers who are budget spending units / recipients and / or limited by the Public Procurement Law may submit an invitation to tender. We will prepare the tender offer and take part in the auction.

Serhii Vereskun

Project manager for LPG and Diesel.

He graduated from the Kiev Military Institute of Management and Communications, with a degree in radio electronics.

2003 – 2009 - held the position of general director in Ukrenergoprom LLC.

2009 – 2016 - зheld managerial positions in petrochemical trading companies.

2016 - starts his activities at SBPM LLC as a commercial director, develops the selling destination of diesel and LPG .

2018 - LPG and Diesel fuel project manager at SBPM LLC.

Tel.: +38 067 242 99 55
Email: vsa@sbpm.com.ua

Serhii Vereskun. Project Manager for LPG and Diesel