Forward program

About business line

SBPM LLC seeks to help farmers increase their productivity and reduce costs.

Offered by SBPM forward program is a unique complex product that allows agricultural producers get fuel and mineral fertilizers at the right time during the main stages of production with the opportunity to pay for them after the harvest of crops grown.

This is convenient because you do not waste time searching for everything you need, but doing what you like - working on the ground.


We define the terms of cooperation and sign the agreement
We insure the future crop against all risks in the field of agricultural production
We give you fertilizers, quality fuel in the required volumes
You pay off
by grown products

Agribusiness partnership program

Having studied the global and national experience of financing small and medium-sized agro-producers,
MTB Bank jointly with SBPM has implemented a partnership program that provides a simplified and standardized approach to financing agricultural producers.


detailed description

  1. 1

    Application of the agricultural producer to SBPM

    for the purchase of products on account of loan funds (financing up to 100% of the shipment amount).
  2. 2

    Consultation + package of documents

    SBPM manager renders the Agricultural producer an invoice for the purchase of products and contacts of the Bank's employee for obtaining a preliminary decision. The Bank's employee advises the Agricultural producer on the financing program. The Agricultural producer collects the required package of documents (application form, financial statements, invoice) and submits to the Bank.
  3. 3

    Informing about the decision

    The Bank employee analyzes the package of documents, writes the appropriate loan application and sends it for making a decision on crediting the Agricultural producer. The decision on crediting takes place within 24 hours from the moment of submitting the package of documents specified in p. 3. The Bank informs the Agricultural producer and SBPM of the decision taken.
  1. 4

    Contract for products purchase and sale

    In case of positive decision of the Bank on crediting, SBPM signs with the Agricultural producer the relevant contract of products purchase and sale. The products then shipped to the Agricultural producer.
  2. 5 / 6

    Account opening + documents, credit agreement

    Maximum within the next 9 calendar days after making a positive decision on crediting, the Agricultural producer opens an account with the Bank and submits to the Bank documents remaining in accordance with the list of documents. The Bank identifies the client, prepares and signs the necessary agreements with the Agricultural producer and provides a loan.
  3. 7

    Payment for products at the expense of the loan

    Settlement of the Agricultural producer with SBPM under the contract of purchase and sale / supply for products (fertilizers, fuel and lubricants) is made at the expense of credits to the current account of SBPM in the Bank.
  4. 8

    Repayment of the loan

    Repayment of the loan by the Agricultural producer is carried out according to the schedule.