Caspit group

Caspit group
The group of companies was created in 2012, and as early as 2019, it has completed structuring of all assets of the group, which includes the following companies:


The company carries out wholesale sales of petroleum products and diesel fuel, supplies electrical energy and LPG. It occupies a leading position in Ukraine in the supply of n-hexane. Since 2016, it has been actively developing the wholesale supply of mineral fertilizers and providing financial support to the agricultural sector thanks to a specially developed partnership program for agribusiness.

The company is a petroleum product trader, wholesale seller of diesel fuel and LPG.

Energy resources

The company operates in the field of solar energy and deals with design, construction, and maintenance of solar power plants for both domestic and industrial enterprises.

The company is a supplier of LPG in Odesa region. It owns 3 gas-filling stations and 11 automatic gas-refueling stations. It sells LPG in cylinders for household needs.


The company is engaged in the development and production of granular mineral fertilizers with the use of compaction method. The production facility is located in the village of Nova Liubomyrka in the Rivne region.

Transportation of petroleum products

The company provides services for LPG transportation. It has gas carriers and cars for transportation of bulk chemicals.