Technical liquid ammonia (anhydrous), Togliatti, Russia

Mass fraction of ammonia, %, at least99,999,699,6
Mass fraction of nitrogen, %, at least-8282
Mass fraction of water (residue after evaporation), %-0,2-0,40,2-0,4
Mass fraction of water (Fisher method), %, at most0,1--
Mass concentration of oil, mg / dm3, at most228
Mass concentration of iron, mg / dm3, at most112
Mass fraction of total chlorine, ppm (mg / kg), at most-0,5-
Mass fraction of carbon monoxide (IV), ppm (mg / kg), at most-30 ± 10-

Technical liquid ammonia (anhydrous), Togliatti, Russia is a nitrogen fertilizer, colorless mobile fluid, which contains 82.3 % of nitrogen. It is preferred by plants, ready absorbed by soil and is not washed out.

Technical liquid ammonia, which you can buy from us at low prices, is a high-quality product used by agrarian enterprises in Ukraine and Europe for soil fertilization. Deliveries of technical liquid ammonia are ex factory for all Ukrainian enterprises.

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Technical liquid ammonia is intended for soil fertilization. Anhydrous ammonia is introduced as the main fertilizer (the main application), as well as a fertilizer with mandatory embedding in the soil.

Technical liquid ammonia is produced in 3 brands:

А - for the production of nitric acid, for nitriding, as a coolant, for creating protective atmospheres;

Ак - for export deliveries and for transportation through the main ammonia pipeline;

- for reprocessing into fertilizers and for the use in agriculture as a nitrogen fertilizer.



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