AllBlue, OPP, Ukraine

CO(NH2)2, % 32,5
NH3, %
CO2, %
Biuret, % 0,186
Suspended matter, mg/kg
Formaldehyde, mg / kg 1,020
РО43-, мг/кг
Са, мг/кг 0,358
Mg, мг/кг <0,80
Al, мг/кг 0,044
Cu, мг/кг 0,005
Zn, мг/кг 0,006
Cr, мг/кг 0,081
Ni, мг/кг 0,035
Na, мг/кг 0,121
K, мг/кг 0,130
Fe, мг/кг 0,280
Density (20 °C), g / cm³ 1,0944

AllBlue, OPP, Ukraine (carbamide)  is a solution of technically pure urea (32.5%) in demineralized water (67.5%). It is used as an additional working fluid in diesel engines with the application of SCR technology of selective catalytic neutralization. This technology implies dosed injection of AdBlue into the exhaust gas stream in the presence of catalyst – at that takes place a reaction of converting nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water..

AllBlue, which you can buy from us at low prices, both wholesale and retail, is a high-quality product that allows diesel engines to meet the requirements of environmental standards Euro 4, -5 and -6. Deliveries of AdBluea are carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine.

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AllBlue, OPP, Ukraine  is used as an additional working fluid in diesel engines equipped with SCR and compliant with Euro 4 and Euro 5 environmental standards. The principle of the system is a chemical reaction involving ammonia and nitrogen oxide, as a result of which harmful compounds are converted into absolutely safe water vapor and nitrogen.



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