About us

The SBPM arranges trading operations in the trade market of oil products

The company was founded in 2009. It has its own vehicle fleet and warehouses in Odessa and Kiev regions, which makes it possible to regulate the time of cargo dispatch and offer the most convenient service for customers.SBPM implements a wide range of refined and petrochemical products produced on the capacities of European and Middle Eastern refineries along with their delivers to Ukraine and the countries of Eastern Europe.





The technology of natural gas artificial liquefaction by cooling. For this purpose, we use storage vessels. In such a way we reduce the time of putting the terminal into operation and has a lower cost, compared to a stationary ground-based LNG storage facilities.


The process of converting natural gas to liquid hydrocarbons, such as: synthetic oil, naphtha, diesel fuel, kerosene and gasoline fractions.

Regeneration of perlite

The technology for the restoration of perlite filtering powder, which allows obtaining three products from the filter powder: pure perlite, sunflower oil, and sunflower wax.